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Protecting Your Teen From Today's Witchraft
Protecting Your Teen From Today's Witchraft
Wicca, a form of witchcraft, has an ever-increasing presence on high school campuses. Promising empowerment and the ability to control one’s own destiny, this pagan religion is enticing countless teens—including many in the church. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of the danger Wicca holds; perhaps a teen close to you has even begun to dabble in the craft. Is your teen in danger? gives parents the hard facts about Wicca, offers tips on recognizing its influence in a teen’s life, and presents solid, practical advice for guiding kids in the right direction. Whether Wicca has already entered your home, or you’re simply aware of the threat and want to be prepared, this book is for you.
Price: $13.99

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