Mission Possible
by Patricia R. Chadwick
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Mission Possible: Raising Great Teens! 
by Patricia R. Chadwick

     Parenting is a life-long journey that takes you down many different roads throughout your life with your children. You begin your journey as a new parent full of hopes and dreams. As your children grow, you can begin to see distinct personalities develop and you begin to wonder what THEIR hopes and dreams will be. 

     You can look at parenting in many different ways. I prefer to look at raising teenagers as an adventure! Welcome to our world! My hope is that you will find within these pages a glimpse of the joy, the excitement, and the fun of raising teenagers.      

     So go get a cup of hot cocoa, pull up a chair, and enter into the wonderful, wacky world of parenting teens!       

Renewing the Heart - Adult Devotional

Do you want to grow closer to God in your Christian walk? In order to do that you need to get into His word! This 30-day journal will get you going by quoting powerful Scripture verses
and asking you pertinent quesitonsthat help you to meditate on God's Word, drawing you into a closer relationship with your Maker. 

Available in ebook format for $3.95
Available in print format for $6.95 (postpaid)

Look Up - A 30 Day Devtional for Teens

Do you want to grow closer to God in your Christian walk? In order to do that you need to get into His word! This 30-day journal will get you going by quoting powerful Scripture verses
and asking you pertinent quesitonsthat help you to meditate on God's Word, drawing you into a closer relationship with your Maker.

Available in ebook format for $3.95
Available in print format for $6.95 (postpaid)

Print Version $10.95
Spiral Bound Print Version $15.95

E-Book $5.95

Though their contributions are not recorded in many history books, from the beginning of time, women have influenced the worlds in which they lived in a mighty way. God has used women throughout history in a variety of ways. From the earliest of times lived women who ruled nations, led armies, wrote books and songs, performed mighty deeds of valor, and worked unceasingly to improve society. Without the contributions of women throughout the ages, the world would be a different place today. 

The Complete Guide to Pastoral Visitation
By Dr. John and Patricia Chadwick

From early biblical times until now pastoral visitation has been a vital part of a pastor's ministry. Up until the last 30 or 40 years it was an expected part of ministry from the pastor.

The last generation of pastors, however, has overlooked it. The question is why. Is it still needed today? Through the questioning of both the pastors and parishioners it was confirmed that pastoral visitation was considered an essential ministry to the parishioner. Once this was brought to the pastor's attention and some training was given to the pastors, they felt more comfortable in this ministry. Pastoral visitation benefits both parties. The pastor can better reach the congregation through this ministry. The congregation benefits by seeing God's love in action through this ministry. There are no golden words but the pastor's mere presence and a few words are all it often takes to make a difference.

This work also gives the reader some basic words of wisdom, Bible verses, and prayers to use during pastoral visitation along with ideas to some basic calls that a pastor will make during their pastorate. It also discusses the importance of lay visitation and outlines a lay visitation program to be used in the churches.

Ebook - $ 6.95
Print: - $12.95

Taking a Stand:
A Study of the First Six Chapter of the Book of Daniel

By Frank Beck & Patricia Chadwick

Taking a Stand is about the life of the Biblical Daniel and how he lived a life committed to his God, even though he was ripped from his family when he was a mere teenager. This book will show your teens how they, too, can live a life pleasing to God amidst life pressures they face today.

Anyone who is seeking to live a committed Christian life is involved in all-out spiritual warfare. In this life, it is absolutely necessary to stand by our convictions. But how does a committed believer battle life's pressures? There is a constant barrage of isolation, indoctrination, pressure to compromise, and confusion. How do we handle these?

Much of the book of Daniel reminds us about the spiritual warfare that underlies human history. It is a story about a man who lived an exemplary life in the midst of this warfare. For 23 years, between the pages of 17 - 90, Daniel had been under constant pressure from a pagan society in which he was forced to live day in and day out. When faced with the pressures of living in that society, Daniel always stood firm in his convictions and continued to live his life based on commitment to God.

Taking a Stand takes a look at the first six chapters of the book of Daniel where we are challenged by the life of Daniel himself to take a stand for our Lord in our own day and in our own daily situations, even when being the only one standing is not easy or comfortable. A great books for teenagers as well as their parents.

Print Version - $10.95
Ebook Version - $ 5.95 (Special Sale Price)

Happy Holidays With Teens
by Patricia R. Chadwick
There is no doubt that children "make" the holidays. There is nothing like the smile on a child's face as they see all the Christmas lights lit up as you drive around your town - or the look of awe on their face on Christmas morning when they wake up to presents under the tree. But as our children move into the teen years, the Christmas season loses some of its awe and wonder...if we let it!

It is true that we cannot turn back the clock and we cannot stop our kids from outgrowing some of our holiday traditions. Let's face it, it would look pretty funny seeing your 16-year-old sitting on Santa's lap in the local mall. But with some planning, we can still make the Holiday Season special.
This book is full of ideas to help you get started.

$7.95 ebook

Old Fashioned Holidays From
History's Women

by Patricia R. Chadwick
Old Fashioned Holidays is a wonderful book which includes Holiday Traditions, Recipes, and Homemade Gifts that were begun in years past, but are still a delight today. Also included is the history behind the traditions that shed light on how women throughout the ages celebrated the Holidays along with some Holiday trivia and a special section on the Women of Christmas.

Ebook: $ 7.95
Print: $12.95

The Women of Christmas

The Gospel of Matthew gives a very interesting genealogy of Jesus Christ. Genealogies are important to people. We live in an age where people are determined to find their "roots". Genealogies were important at the time of Christ also. And in Matthew's genealogical account we find some interesting things. It is considered an odd genealogy for Biblical times because it listed women, something that was rarely or never done in Bible times. The very fact that Matthew mentions four women in his genealogy gives us a clue as to their importance to the story. This book takes a look at that genealogy and these Women of Christmas.

Ebook: $2.95
Print: $5.95


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Look Up - E-Book Version 3.95
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The Complete Guide to Pastoral Visitation - ebook 6.95
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